Plan for your future success! 

I just gave a lecture last night, in which I told the audience that they should put more faith in their abilities then they do in their perceive limitations.

When we believe that we have limits we begin to live as if we are limited. We never extend ourselves beyond our percieved limitations and therefore we never achieve Break Through. We have to cultivate a different narrative, a story of success.

When we position ourselves for success however, we must also prepare for that transition. On our smart phones we see regular software updates. Small businesses position themselves to accommodate a surge in clientele.

As individuals we too need to be adjustable and plan for our future success. Once we are determined to succeed, once we have changed our story from one of limitations to one endless possibilities, then success is sure to happen.

But we must be ready! You don’t want to start a weight loss program and not have money to buy a new wardrobe because you’ll find yourself at work with baggy clothes. But then again that could be your moment to brag!

See yourself in the winners seat. Believing in your success is actually more important than working towards your success because it is that vision or that belief in the possibilities that push us towards success. Stratagems can be thwarted by a lack of faith or simply buying into our percieved limitations.

So today, what ever it is you’ve been trying to do stop it! No more trying. Just do it! Believe in the power of you and find your Break Through!

Learning a new skill

So I’ve been at this coding thing for a few hours now and it’s quite fun. When I was in the first or second grade I remember seeing a video of children in China building radios in class. They were not much younger than I was and I asked my mother why our school wouldn’t teach me to build radios and televisions. Years later I took a computer course in highschool and passed with flying colors. The problem was we never actually learned computers. Only once did we sit behind a physical computer and we learned Power On Power Off and CTRL ALT DELETE. That’s absolutely it!

It’s no exaggeration when I say I was cheated out of an education. I was in my late teens when my mother got a very basic computer. Very Basic!!! And I was an adult before I ever even realized that there was a such thing as software that ran a computer. I’m sharing my ignorance here to point out the fact that I was seeking knowledge and still it took me years to get exposed. Many people never have the luxury of learning a skill that others master in childhood. I know people from other countries that come to American universities and complain that they are paying for classes they took in elementary.

Anyway, I’ve wanted to learn coding for sometime now and many of my friends who work in the field have tried to dissuade my so many times. Finally I got one friend to so me the best resources and I’ve literally been scanning over the material and putting about fifteen minutes a day in writing code for the past 3-4 days this week and it’s been Super Easy!
I plan to write my next blog using only code! I’m in the beginning stages of html and css but that’s enough to put up a simple blog. So my advise for today I to learn that new skill you’ve been meaning to learn. If  people tell you no just keep seeking. Yes there are a ton of resources online, even free ones. But time is valuable, so seek out the resources that are best for you, but by all means master that which captivates your imagination.

May you find your Break Through!


Time won’t stand still so why should I? 


I’ve had every intent to sit down and write a blog based on a lecture I recently gave dealing with living an authentic life. I feel that in order to grow completely we must give ourselves permission to be who we are authentically. Allowing oneself to embrace their full range of emotions in order to enhance ones good qualities while recognizing and honestly working to overcome unwanted qualities. 

With that said I’ve been doing a lot which has eaten away at my time, but in a good way. Currently I’m taking a moment from preparing a lecture I will be traveling to give tomorrow. I’ve also been engaged in putting together radio broadcast and working with some friends to start a grassroots organization aimed at educating and empowering economically distressed communities. 

A lot of meditation and self reflection these last few weeks. Even though I’m a strong believer in being still I understand that there is a way to remain grounded while pushing forward with important work. 

I’d like to leave you all with this request. Always seek self improvement and strive to be a beacon for those in the dark and a friendly face for those seeking refuge in light. Keep working to make the world a better place and keep reaching for your Break Through! 

Shout outs are cool


Got some love in the form of shout outs from the Hyatt Regency as well as the official tourism board of Zadar Croatian for some photos I took. It’s the little motivations that keep us pursuing our goals and exploring our dreams in life. If you see someone putting in the effort to succeed give them a few words of encouragement. Sometimes people cannot see the progress they have made or they are just starting and cannot picture themselves finding their break through. Your words of encouragement could be the motivating factor which propels them towards success. How cool is that!

I wish you all success in your healthy endeavors!

May you find your Break Through!

Warrior Mode!!!



Recently I’ve been reading a ton of research papers on psychology, in particular papers dealing with trauma. There is this working theory that I’ve been looking at in hopes of addressing the issue of mass trauma in an upcoming podcast I’m doing for a different project. With that said, the purpose of this movement aka Break Through 365 is to offer solutions to the problems that obstruct progress in the pursuit of health. The idea of having a physically fit body is incomplete if mentally and emotionally we are suffering. Spirituality, Physical and Mental Health are all part of a holistic approach to complete well-being.

In my studies I’ve looked at some of the causes of trauma which is not always physical. Often times it’s the loss of a sense of security or the ongoing sense of insecurity due to ones environment. I’ve looked at the symptoms of traumatic shock. Things like hyper awareness, tension, and being prong to over whelming aggression in situations that don’t warrant escallated violence. But mainly I’ve focused on solutions to traumatic shock.


Looking at some of the coping mechanisms to trauma and some treatments to overcome a traumatic experience completely I was struck by the recommendations that were being offered. I am not a medical professional but I have a strong interest in psychology and over two decades experience with meditation. While some psychologist do recommend yoga and meditation others skirt the idea. However it is clear that they advocate in a very scientific language the practice of yoga and meditation.

So I decided that I want to make the solution to stress and even traumatic shock available to a larger audience. To do this I pulled out my camera and recruited my friend Sadanam Singh who I interviewed in the What is Kundalini Yoga? podcast and we filmed a few videos talking about solutions and demonstrating exercise techniques. Stay tuned for upcoming video links as well as photos and videos teaching you how to do exercises which will help you achieve your physical spiritual and emotional goals. Conquer yourself and you’ll conquer the world.



Find your inspiration 

“Not everything that is faced can be changed. But nothing can be changed that isn’t faced.”                                        -James Baldwin

This quote literally got me through some difficult situations by encouraging me to overcome personal weakness in order to attain a goal.

 Once you are willing to face any given situation and assert your will fifty percent of the battle is already won. 

Don’t stop believing in your potential. Carpe Diem! Today is your day. Seize it!