As a person who loves to get immersed in culture and completely loose myself in music, creating this show was a no brainer. If I cannot physically travel at the moment I can at least travel through the medium of sound. I invite you all to journey with me today at 11am eastern standard time as we explore the rhythms of Afro-Beat from Nigeria to Cuba on the Through Our Eyes radio show. You’ll be glad you did! 


Through Our Eyes


If you love music, travel, cross cultural flavor then check out my new radio show called Through Our Eyes! 

It’s a show that will feature different genres of music from around the globe plus the occasional language lesson and travel exposé. 

Because this is a brand new show we are still trying to work on logistics but after just one show the followers are lining up and asking for more! Please subscribe and feel free to suggest countries you’d like to hear music from, be it more traditional or crossover.

Reflections while walking 

I’m a few hours in to this walk today and I’m feeling the weight of my backpack in my shoulders. I’m thinking about the weight the ancestors felt walking in chains across this country and across Africa as well. I’m thinking about the chains many of us carry around in our daily lives. The chains of habits that impede personal growth. The chains of fear that prevent us from embracing happiness. 

Habits are like invisible chains; too small to notice until they become too strong to break. We have to constantly examine ourselves and seek honest criticism from mentors to expose our personal chains. But much more than understanding what those chains are is taking the proper action to remove them once and for all. 

Most of us are smart enough to understand what needs to be undone or relearned or what needs to take place in our lives to find our Breakthrough, but how many are brave enough to make it happen? 

Wishing you God speed in finding your path to Break Through success. 
Warrior Mode!

Photo by maariusz

staying consistant

I am seven days into my walk and thankful that the weather has been kind. Each day I wake up around 4am work get home around 7pm and walk. Clearly this is not the best schedule to keep but I’ve made a commitment to remain consistent. Even with the job and the podcast production etc. I’ve decided to continue the push come what may. I did take one day off from walking but I rode my bike nearly twenty miles so, I wasn’t exactly slacking.

This weekend I had planned to put in some extra hours walking. As fate would have it, my schedule completely opened up and now I can really get some miles in! What I’m gaining from this walk is more discipline and the opportunity to push my limits on a daily basis. When we stay consistent rather it be with an exercise program or a savings program, we find that the discipline and the constant struggle not only rewards one with accomplishment, but with a whole host of benefits you probably were not expecting.

Whatever it is you decide to put your mind to, stay consistent and you will achieve more than you even asked for. It is not rocket science unless it is rocket science. All it takes is commitment.

Note: I actually know several rocket scientist and they all make the time to do whats important to them outside of working at NASA.

Memorial Walk

So I’m into historical research. More spcifically, the psychological impulses behind both major and lesser known historical events that shape the world we live in today. How I came to study history and psychology is interesting and I may share it in a later blog, but it seems a very unlikely path given my background as an artist, or maybe not?

When I started this blog it was to give people that I coach food for thought. I work with people who need extra motivation to lose weight and shift their mindsets from a can’t to a can do outlook on life. I also counsel PhD canidates and others whom I consider far more intelligent than myself. So I try to touch on a variety of subjects in efforts to inspire progress and constant personal development.

Some months ago I had planned a trip of historic porportions! Well, it wasn’t an epic trip but it was a history based trip that I had planned. My goal was to film my trip and document the history and influence of African Americans from the antibellum until today. Speaking on lesser known historical facts, art, and cusine in each city I passed through. My backup plan was to do a memorial walk which I will explain. But first I must say that this all fell when I took a last minute trip to europe to take care of some business.

Now I’ve recommited to my memorial walk. During the early centuries America was a different place. Even with my many travels through Europe it is hard to imagine America being broken up into several differnt countries. But this was the case way back when and the unforetunate epoch that gave us slavery bore witness to a ton of heartbreak and trauma in efforts to break the spirit of an entire race of human beings. There are many documents recounting the transport of enslaved people from northern territories to the southern states by foot.

In order to highlight history during that time period I have decided to retrace the steps of some of those souls who where forced to march by doing a 400 mile memorial walk. Other aspects of this walk is to increase health awareness and to set a personal example to those I work with as  well as to promote active meditation and focuse.

I am four days into my two month challenge and I’ve gotten others to commit to walking an hour a day but I have also issued a 30 for 30 challenge! Thats a commitment of walking at least 30 for the next 30 days! I challenge you who read this to at least take up the 30 for 30 challenge and share your thoughts with us on FaceBook at

We are here to support you on your walk and keep you in Warrior Mode when times get tough. May you find your Break Through!

Goodbye Summer. Goodbye Barbados

As I sit here feeling the chill of fall and hearing the downpour of rain percussion off the cobble stone street outside my window, I started thinking about my last trip to the island of Barbados. I thought it would be nice to look at some photos I took just to bring back though warm tropical memories. Sadly I came across some photos I took of a blizzard some winters ago and the dread of another winter shook me to my bones. I finally came accross some photos of my first trip to Barbados and thought I’d share them with you.


I actually saw a wild palm tree growing from a coconut while walking in the Gully which is a small jungle situated at a lower elevation. But these trees were grand and to me symbolized the tropics. I took this photo at a bird sanctuary which is closed to the public. The grounds that where accessible are beautiful.


The south seas begin to get a little rough and to the east of the island swimming is not encouraged. I stayed on the southern part of the island on my first trip. The south and east coast are more for extreme water sports and biking. I don’t recall ever seeing anyone on a bike in Barbados but they are known for having world-class biking events.


The green monkey can be found on some parts of the island and are said to have once been a regular sight all over. My first encounter with these little guys was in the forest where they hid ing the grass just inches from invading humans. Good thing there are nice! If they were ninja monkey’s I wouldn’t be alive to share! Unfortunately I not able to share the cutest picture I took of a baby monkey sucking his thumb and posing for his picture. Even though they are wild animals I was able to get close enough to take tons of photos.


Standing at the bus stop on the west coast of the island and thinking about jumping in the sea! The water on the west coast is always so calm and the perfect temperature. There is no need to test the water because it’s always warm, clear, and relaxing! I snorkel’d at a shipwreck on my last trip there and encountered a few fish that dwarfed my 6’5 body, one was a giant which I got lucky enough to capture on video. One turtle almost ate my camera and fyi octopi can make angry faces when you get too close.


This beach really looked like this! This image is taken directly from my camera without any touch ups. I cannot explain the deep blue of the sky other than to say America needs to stop polluting it’s environment. I’ve been to many places where the sky is just so clean and the air so healing. Barbados tops the list so far.

I hate to say goodbye to summer but new adventure await this season so lets take it in stride.


Why the Hungry succeed

When it comes to high stakes situations where success is awarded to those who put it all on the line, we know that more often than not it is the hungry who succeed. After all the strategic planning and tactical maneuvering to hedge some advantage in any given situation, we find that people still fail to accomplish what they set out to do. On the other hand we see people who seem to be doomed from the start and with the odds stacked against them, the find a way to triumph.

So why is it that two people can start on a similar venture, one can throw a lot of money and resources at the project and fail miserably and the other succeed despite so many handicaps? The answer may lie in the willingness to take risk. If I have a million dollars and I take a calculated risk with my money than naturally that risk will be just that, calculated. It would be insane to put up all of my capital. I may put up enough but the moment I fear loss I back out, thus never fully committing or seeing the project through. Someone who is “hungry” who has the mentality of riding the wave until the end would be more likely to risk everything. Even if they too take a conservative risk, they are willing to see it through.

We notice that in both instances the person was willing to take a leap of faith. What I hope to convey is that, you can only truly make that leap the moment you realize that you’re willing to give up the comforts you have in order to become successful.

The stronger we hold on to our fears and play it safe. The longer we have to remain in our current position in life. If you want change then you to be willing to let go of the things that impede progress. I call this mentality warrior mode. We have to cultivate this warrior mode mentality. Putting it all on the line and fighting to constantly move forward. If we are truly passionate about something that will help change our lives for the better than we will fight to make it happen.

Consider that goal you have that has been alluding you all this time and ask yourself, Am I really passionate about attaining this goal? What am I willing to lose, what comforts am I willing to give up in order to become successful. You may not lose anything but 4758-892x502you’ve got to be willing to take a loss before you can every truly play the game.