Find your inspiration 

“Not everything that is faced can be changed. But nothing can be changed that isn’t faced.”                                        -James Baldwin

This quote literally got me through some difficult situations by encouraging me to overcome personal weakness in order to attain a goal.

 Once you are willing to face any given situation and assert your will fifty percent of the battle is already won. 

Don’t stop believing in your potential. Carpe Diem! Today is your day. Seize it! 

Where I need to be. 

 I was called yesterday morning and asked to sit in on an on air broadcast later that evening. I didn’t get home until the next morning but, it was decided that the chemistry worked and I’ll be helping the group create content going foreward on a regular basis. 

  This will be a great opportunity to explore different topics and share information on improving life. I always tell friends and family to take opportunities that create opportunities as opposed to wasting time in useless endeavors. 

 So my message to you today is to educate yourself and develop those skills which will open the specific doors you need to be in the position to take the best opportunities. 

 May your future be a success. 

Focused Determination


There is an ancient text called the Mahabarata which is filled with great wisdom from India. Within it’s pages we find one story of a great hero by the name of Arjuna. As a child, Arjuna exhibited great martial skills as did his four heroic brothers called the Pandava’s, named such for being the orphaned sons of the once mighty King Pandhu. Together these five brothers studied the martial arts under a great warrior named Dronacharya. One day in the military school Dronacharya decided to give his students a test. He had a fish carved out of wood attached to the wheel of a chariot and he suspended that wheel high into the air and cause it to spin at a steady pace. He then placed a vessel of water on the ground and called the boys one by one to the vessel of water.

The teacher then instructed the first student to assume the shooting posture and look into the water. “By this reflection you are to shoot the eye of the fish.” Just as the first student took aim Dronacharya stopped him as asked, “What is it you see?” He asked. The student replied, “I see the clouds in the sky and some birds flying over head.” At this point he was told to put down his bow and arrow and let the next student come to the water vessel. When the next student came and assumed the shooting position he was asked the same question. The second student replied that he saw the branches of the tree and it’s leaves fluttering in the wind. The guru then said lay down your weapon and move aside. When he called Arjuna to the water vessel and told him to peer inside and describe what it was he saw, Arjuna replied, “I see the eye of the fish.” “Do you see anything else?” the guru inquired. Arjuna repeated I only see the eye of the fish. Dronacharya then said, “Shoot!”

     This story demonstrates the level of focus we have to have if we want to achieve greatness in life. If we want to be a champion we don’t focus on anything but the goal ahead, not the clouds in the sky or the many leaves rustling in the branches. We simply see our target, we take aim, and we shoot! It is important that when we dream we dream big but more important than dreaming is strategizing. Success is never handed to any of us, it has to be earned, and the key to attaining success lies within our level of focus. Arjuna set an example where others failed. His mission was clear and his focus razor-sharp. He let nothing distract him from his goal of hitting the target. Of course simply being focused is not enough either. To become an expert archer takes a lot of practice. To hone any skill takes endeavor. Even natural abilities have to be developed in order to take a person beyond their limits to find their Break Through.

Rather you are trying to start a new business, Ace an exam, Land that dream job, or hit your target weight, everything takes focus. Learn the art of meditation, there’s nothing spooky about it. The more you learn to channel your intentions the better adept you will be at focusing and working your strategies for success. Take a moment right now and think about your goal, what it is you most want to achieve and then take inventory of your mind, what do you see?

You Are a Survivor


Imagine if you will, your life suspended in mid-air by a rope which is frayed to the point of snapping at any moment. You are dangling 1,000 feet above jagged rocks and the rushing current of the icy waters below, Your only hope for survival is to muster the strength to pull yourself up just a few more feet. On the other side of the rope there is no pot of gold, no beautiful damsel or handsome knight and steed. There is only the prospect of living yet another day, the gift of filling your lungs with fresh air and witnessing the beauty of life itself.

99.9% of us would find it in ourselves to muster the strength to overcome this hurdle or at least give it our all, not in hopes of some grand reward like fame or fortune, but the chance to live the life we currently have no matter how ordinary our it may seem to be. This is because there is something remarkable about this gift of life, something so amazing that we try to hold on to it with enthusiasm until the end. It is because we innately understand that there is something miraculous about ourselves. Yet, so often we allow doubt to creep into our minds and we start to question our purpose in life. We start to question our ability to overcome the different situations we find ourselves in asking, Am I smart enough? Am I strong enough, or even determined enough to deal with the challenges of life?

The mind will constantly try to find ways to doubt even the best laid plans and it will always look for ways to talk you out of being where you need to be. Growing up my mother used to tell me that “The mind if uncontrolled is the worst of enemies, but a mind that is controlled is the best of friends.” We must learn to conquer the mind which is like the rope frayed to the point of snapping. We must overcome the doubts and the fears which are like the 1,000 foot precipice waiting to end your ambitions, to bury your dreams. When you think that you cannot succeed in any endeavor, that you are not smart enough, strong enough or determined enough to make it through a rough patch just remember, you’ve made it through 100% of your previous hard times and that by definition you are a survivor.

     When it’s life or death, when it’s all or nothing and you’ve put everything on the line you have no choice but to succeed. 99% of you would never give up in a life or death situation so why give up on your dreams and ambitions? It is said that the wealthiest place on earth is the cemetery because countless dreams and life altering inventions have been buried with the people who never pursued their goals in life. Recently I found myself riding through the streets of Munich with my cousin who is an entrepeneur and I was asking her about her failures and successes and what pushed her to keep going after suffering setbacks. She told me that most people have a dream or an idea but only a few ever act on them. They let so-called limitations stop them from pursuing success. That shes even acting on hear dreams she says garuntees that she will be 100% more succesful than the person who never tries. Factually she is wildly successful by many standards but still shs took steps that put her on the path to take her success to the next level and is capitalizing on the knowledge shes gained from temporary setbacks of the past.

     With all this said, I want that we all learn to slow down and be present in the moment and realize just how incredible our lives really are at this point despite all the trials and tribulations some of us may face. We have to develop an attitude of gratitude and really appreciate the gift of living. Each of us has a purpose in life and that purpose lies just beyond the end of the rope. It is our solid foundation upon which we build a life less ordinary and change the world, or if nothing else change our perspective in life. Once we’ve learned to conquer the mind we can achieve anything we set out to do. Our mortality doesn’t have to hang in the balance before we start believing in our ability to succeed. We just have to realize that we have a choice when it comes to winning in life. We can choose to listen to the fears and the doubts of the mind or we can choose to silence them. Winners never lose they simply learn from their temporary setbacks. All of the bad days and seemingly insurmountable challenges you’ve faced in your past are now where they should be, in your past. It is up to you and I to find out where we want to be and to make sure that we are currently on the right path to getting there. You’re either falling to your death or you’re fighting like hell to live. It’s your life and it’s your choice to experience the miraculous life you know deep down inside is yours to experience or give up and take all your dreams and ambitions with you to the ragged stones and rushing waters of death. 

I fully believe that each of us can and will live a purpose driven life. I know becaues you and I are survivors.

Age Gracefully

Staying flexible

     So this morning before I went out to exercise I had a brief conversation with an older lady who told me that she was feeling “unsatisfied” because age and Health problems have restricted her activities. She said that she used to love dancing and taking long walks but now was unable to move about as she once had. This conversation had me reflecting on others I Know or have known in the past who became victims of poor Health. One man in particular was very dymanic and youthful in so many ways. Phyically he seemed very powerful and spiritually speaking he seemed practically unstoppable, But one day I noticed that his foot was unnaturally swollen, to the point that others noticed as well. Not soon afterwards we discovered that he had cancer and was diabetic. Eventually he would have to loose his leg to diabetes which was a source of fear for everyone because we knew how much he loved to dance. Would this disease be a source of depression for him?

 In this particular case our friend sadly lost his battle with cancer but not before inspiring thousands of people to work on improving their lives. He was an individual who found his Break Through early in life and spent years dedicating himself to helping others reach their full potiental in life. But persons such as this are quite rare and most of us are simply trying to get by. So how do we Age Gracefully? The World Health Organization defines Health as “[A] state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”

     Mid-life depression and depression in old age are serious issuse faced by millions globally. So many triggers such as hormonal changes to chronic aches and pains associated with Advanced aging can all lead to serious bouts with depression. It is recommended that Daily self care techniques be practiced such as meditation or peace and quiet, Yoga, vigorus exercise, and quality time with friends and loved ones. Diet also plays a critical role in preventing depression. Having a balanced nutrition plan and a Daily exercise regimen can help reduce, alleviate and even prevent depression. If you are in your fourties or fifties or Know of someone who is fourty plus and is inactive or dealing with Health issues encourage them to become proactive. Now is the time to improve your Health and quality of life. It is never too late to work on you.

Healthy Relationships


Not a lot of time but a lot on my mind, so lets get to it. I’m no relationship expert, in fact I may fall under the catagory of a hopeless romantic. You see, I believe that relationships can be amazing and mutually beneficial. I believe that even that short term relationships can run their course and end in such a way that both parties still maintian a helthy love for each other and are happy to see each other progress in the journey of life. Why do I believe in such fairytale romance? Because I have witnessed healthy relationships upclose and personal. Healthy_Relationships.009[1]

I have seen healthy couples who have different religious, ethnic and social backgrounds work together in a spirit of constant upliftment. Holding each other to high standards while being paitent with each other. They don’t so much except their partners flaws but step in to compensate for them while encouraging and inspiring them to improve. I have seen these character traits in Young couples as well as old.

The benefits of a healthy relationship include mental stability, emotional strenght, and actual psyhical Health. Healthy relationships unfortunately don’t always come so easy. People have to be willing to invest in Building strong healthy realtionships, and why not? Your’re investing your time in someone you might as well invest in the Health of the relationship. Don’t try to make your partner conform to your way of life and don’t simply try to conform to theirs. Relationships are an opportunity to go on a journey together. Life can be difficult sometimes so you want a partner whos going to motivate you when you feel defeated. Who will cheer you on and who responds well to the love you give to them.

I have seen such healthy relationships so I know that they exist. I have also seen the ugliness of unhealthy relationships. Heres an interesting fact both love and hate transcend language barriers. One does not need to understand the language people speak in to see the status of their relationship. Couples that have spent over fourty years together my be suffering in an unhealthy relationship. The Young couple kissing in the park may be suffering from an unhealthy relationship. Rather one tries to mask the illness through public displyes of affections or by sighting the years they’ve endured together, the illness remains on full display for all to see. Another side effect of healthy relationships is that they inspire those who witness them. The opposite can be said of unhealthy relationships.

We all deserve and desire love in our lives. We all have a natural inclination to seek happiness. Just as we exercise to achive a healthy body we should exercise key relationship Building habits in order to achieve and maintain healthy relationships. Couples can make agreeents to be less selfish and more empathetic to the various needs of each other, especially emotional needs. They can reject the idea of relationships being business deals and instead act as servant leaders. They can cultivate the concept of getting better together. My achievements are for the good of the relationship as are your achievements good for our relationship. They can move beyond jealousy and competition and give up petty games meant to hurt or subdue each other.

Healthy couples feel like they can take on the world even if their relationship goals are as simple enjoying a quiet night together on a regular occasion. If you want to find balence and increase your overall Health then consider reevaluating your relationship. There is a saying about time that goes like this. Time is like a rivers current, the swift movement of this rivers current brings together many sticks for a moment only to separate them over time. These sticks represent our relationships. They may last a lifetime or they may be fleeting but we should strive to make the best of each one of them. So with that said, what can you do to better the time you’ve invested with your friend or partner? Consider this and move towards the healty happy relationship you deserve.

Opportunities come knocking! 

So I’m sitting here in Croatia at a gelato shop, I’m not eating since they have eggs but as I am sitting here, multiple business opportunities have presented themselves. In my last blog I wrote about being prepared, paitent and enthusiastic. When we cultivate a mindset of prepardness we are able to accept opportunities as the come.

Who knows what will come of these opportunities? Maybe they’ll be failed ventures, maybe they’ll open up other opportunities, maybe they’ll be just the thing you and us on the path to success, who knows? But these opportunities prove my analysis, never stop dreaming and never stop working on your dreams. As I told a friend when he decided to go into Business, I believe in you and I’m routing for your sucess. He’s now booked with clients into next year!

May you achieve success in whatever it is you aspire for! Carpe diem